How We Provide Excellent Residential Roofing Installation Service

When building a new home, the roof should never be neglected. This is because poor roofing materials or improper installation methods can cause damage to your home. If you need a roofing contractor to install your home roof in Raleigh, NC, hire us at HRP Construction, Inc. Our roofing company has successfully built many residential roofs for over 3 years. Below are details about our excellent roofing installation service.

Property Inspection

We first visit the property to inspect it, especially the area where we should install the roof. You can expect us to measure the dimensions of the area in a precise manner. This is so we can have accurate measurements and material assessment when building the roof.

Designing The Roof

It is important that your roof is designed properly for your home. That is why we make sure to review the design if it follows industry and local roofing codes. We also consider your roof design requests. After creating the design, we let you review it for any corrections or additions before we start the installation work.

Installing the Materials

After creating a proper design for your home’s roof, we can then proceed with the installation process. When doing so, we always use the finest roofing materials on the market. Also, we bring top-grade tools and products for efficient installation service. And we make sure to stay safe by wearing the proper gear and perform other necessary measures.

Finishing Touches

Once the roof has been built, we inspect it one more time to see if there are any installation errors. After that, we can coat it with sealer or waterproofing paint to enhance roof longevity and appeal.

You can count on us at HRP Construction, Inc for excellent roofing installation service in Raleigh, NC. Our insured company can also repair and replace residential roofs. We guarantee outstanding roofing service at good prices. And we even offer service discounts for new customers. For roof installation service appointments, estimates, and other inquiries, you can contact us at (919) 758-3380 right now.